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Body Positivity isnt just about the way you look

Description: Body positivity isn’t only about your physical body, or how you look. It goes way deeper than that. Learn more about the movement and what to expect on your journey of self-love.


Body Positivity Isn’t Just About the Way You Look

When most persons think of body positivity, they assume it’s about big girls embracing their curves.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While accepting how we look is a big part of body positivity, it isn’t the only thing. There is more to each of us than just our physical presence.

So, let’s just dive into what body positivity is and isn’t. Because we could all use a little positivity in our lives.

What body positivity isn’t

It isn’t about pushing unhealthy narratives

Forget the trolls who keep yelling through their keyboards that we only want to make “fat look good”.

You know that’s not what it’s about.

So, don’t let the persons who don’t love themselves set you off on your journey to embrace your inner and outer beauty.

It’s OK to have a little negativity

The movement can sometimes make us feel like we should never ever think negative thoughts about ourselves or our bodies. That we should love how we look no matter what.

But there will be times when we want a bit of change. And it’s not because of what society expects or because of other people’s opinions.

But, while we can have a little negativity, we don’t hold on to it. Instead, we use it to move to the next phase of our growth. We reframe the thoughts that may be impeding our self-love.

So, yes, expect that it won’t be a uneventful journey all the while. There will be obstacles along the way. But you have a supportive community with you.

So, what is body positivity?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Body positivity advocates for all body types. It seeks to eliminate judgments placed on not just your body shape but also on race, gender, disability.

It challenges what society deems to be the perfect body. It addresses the promotion of unrealistic body standards.

It’s about understanding how society shapes our beliefs of our bodies and the relationships we have with them.

True body positivity is about our overall self-perception and self-worth. And it’s not tied only to our physical bodies, lovely as they may be.

Embracing body positivity doesn’t happen overnight

You are beautiful, you hear me? Don’t you ever let anyone tell you any different.” Words from my Grandmom

We may hear that we’re beautiful. But believing it to the point where that belief positively impacts our lives is a journey.

Learning to love ourselves isn’t easy when you’ve have body positivity issues.

So, what can you do?

Take care of what you feed your mind. The media can lower our self-esteem. With constant ads about diet and exercising, and the hate spewed on social media, it can get overwhelming.

Instead, search out positive groups. Follow blogs devoted to embracing who you are and empowering your mind and body.

Learn to reframe the thoughts and actions that are pushing you to consider impossible standards. In so doing, we will all have a healthier relationship with our bodies.

I Am Bèl Larenn supports body positivity. Join our movement to make every young girl and lady feel loved and supported in being who they are. Not what society says we should be.

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