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Losing the weight of expectations.

Description: We all have a lot of weight dragging us down and think it’s just our bodies. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are the real weights you need to lose to start loving yourself. 


The Only Weight You Need to Lose to Start Loving Yourself

Question for my lovely ladies who are struggling with self-love … do you believe that the only thing standing between you and your confidence is your body?

That you need to lose the “weight” to look good, feel good, and be good?

That self-love is tied up in that body of yours needing to be just right?

Well, I have news for you.

That’s not the weight you need to lose to be able to gain in your confidence. That’s not the weight you need to shed to feel years lighter and happier in your skin.

Let me break down some of the weight you need to get rid of to make your self-confidence shine like the radiant person you are meant to be.


The weight of people’s thoughts

Ever had a family member or friend make a comment in jest but it made you feel hurt? That made you question yourself?

That’s the weight of people’s thoughts.

Not just close family and friends either.

It’s everywhere as society says you need to do this to be happy or do that to be happy. But what about what you want?

You need to let go of the negative noise in your life so you can focus on being you and happy in who you are.


The weight of other people’s expectations

Now expectations are another thing that you need to be wary of. And how it’s impacting you, even if you think it isn’t.

You know that needling feeling that you’re not measuring up to what they want?

That they expect you to be a certain way, live a certain lifestyle?

That makes you want to change or hide who you are to fit in? To be like what they expect of you?

But what if doing so feels like an unwelcome cloak that’s stifling your ability to grow? That’s dragging you down and leaving you unfulfilled inside even as you smile and say the right things on the outside?

You are weighed down by those external expectations. And it is time to shed those limiting pounds.


The weight of your own unrealistic expectations

No, we are not saying that you should live a life freed of right and wrong or following the rules. What we are saying is that you should focus on what is the real reason behind your unrealistic expectations of yourself.

Are you seeking self-confidence? To grow your self-esteem? Are you at war with yourself over your mind and body?

If that’s what it feels like, then you need to shed the weight of your internal struggles and focus on building yourself up from the inside out.

It’s like exercise.

Because while it is good to exercise (and no exercise isn’t just about losing weight), your ultimate goal cannot be to shed pounds because of what other people think and expect of you.

So, you need to do things that feed your soul, that gives you confidence and support your self-esteem.

Lose the weight – the weight of people’s thoughts and opinions, their expectations, and yours. You will quickly see how much more confident you are in yourself and how you’ll just love being the person you are.

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  • I love this so much; thanks for sharing this!

  • Always love yourself before others, YOU are all YOU got.

  • Great message, it made me check in with myself to see if I need to lose some weight. Hmm 🤔 I most certainly do, my inner critic tries to pop up and disrupt my thoughts 💭/progress this was definitely a reminder and on time. Thank you for sharing.

    Rez Bey
  • Good read. Alot of great information. Self love is definitely the Best love.

  • I enjoyed this

    Tahirah Williams

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